Graham and his two daughters

Graham Sawrey

Graham is the co-host of The Flawed Dad’s Guide To Parenting.

In 2018 he decided to change his life path completely. He decided to leave his corporate job and focus on passion projects and be around his family as much as possible.

An avid reader and always looking to “life hack” his way to find the best possible result in the fastest and “funnest” way possible.

Graham has two daughters, who are caring, goofy and have a bunch of personality.

He is a husband to his wife Vanessa since 2010, and she is the best thing to ever happen to him.

Graham is admiteddly more of a homebody, but in reality is content with almost everything as long as he’s with his family…and they’re happy!

Warren and his wife Rachel, Daughters Nevina, Alliana & Lillia

Warren Miles-Pickup

Warren is the co-host of The Flawed Dad’s Guide To Parenting.

He has 3 amazing and unique daughters that challenge him in ways he never imagined, but he loves every moment.

From dealing with ADHD, learning disabilities, depression, suicidal thoughts, and everyday childhood emotions; Warren stumbles his way through being the best dad he can.

Warren takes ownership over his flaws and focuses on how he can improve in all his interactions with his daughters.

He is a husband to his incredible wife Rachel since 2009.

Between the two of them, they enjoy spending time in the outdoors, enjoying live music, cooking for friends & family, and helping their daughters to thrive.